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We know that it is located in the centre-east of Mexico and famous for its gastronomy and architecture, and we also know a lot of things about Puebla, because we are from here and we are ready to show you each and every one of them. If you are looking for sewing and dressmaking classes Puebla stay with us and discover Puebla with us!
One of the most important buildings in the city is the cathedral of Puebla, which from the height and in renaissance style overlooks the central square which is called the Zocalo. The city is full of tiles that decorate the streets and buildings making it very picturesque and the photos will be beautiful! You can't miss the Amparo Museum as it covers the entire history of the city, including pre-Hispanic history, which is quite extensive and specific.
These are just a few small brushstrokes about Puebla, because in we have prepared sewing and dressmaking classes Puebla and many more posts that will help you to understand the city in its totality.
Fall in love with Puebla with us, start reading all our information!